Here's Why The Denel AH-2 Is The Best Weapon Of Africa

It's a fact that the military industry of Africa is very limited compared to other continents. Although, some nations stand out on the continent due to their exceptional military strength.

Source : Fakta Alutsista

The Denel Rooivalk is an attack helicopter that made its introduction to the air force of South Africa in 2011. It made its first flight in 1990 and was produced by Denel Aviation during 1990-2007. In Afrikaans, Rooivalk means 'Red Falcon', but AH-2 and C SH-2 are also previous destinations for the helicopter. Twelve units have been built, and all serve on the 16 Squadron of the South African Air Force at AFB Bloemspruit.

South Africa wanted an exceptional attack helicopter to depend on during the South African Border War. They wanted to use such aircraft to escort troop transports, strike hostile aircraft and be the worst fear of Soviet tanks. 

As it was very difficult to design and build a military helicopter from scratch, the army decided to base the Roovialk on an existing helicopter, the SA 330 Puma. Essentially, the production of the Rooivalk is very similar to the one of Atlas Oryx, an improved version of the Puma that was used in Africa. In 2016, the helicopter was highly upgraded with a missile approach warning system and other changes that made it more reliable in general.